Identity Battlefield(war touch), Main Battlefield(war thom)

NPC, and Place to join

NPC Place Number
Song War Girl BianJing 168/178
Liao War Gir BianJing 172/180

Reward to get after get point

Event Reward Number
Identify Battlefield(War Touch) S. Legends Scroll
Main Battlefield(War Thome) S. Legends Scroll
Register at Song War Girl
  • Rank
  • Battle Register
  • Register Now can join war
  • After Register you can join to battlefield by meet with NPC Song, Liao War Girl that you want.

How to Join
  • Join Song Side Meet => Song War Girl
  • Join Liao SIde Meet => Liao War Girl
How to get Reward

    After you conplete battlefield, you must get reward with NPC that you join by follow step below.

  • Battle Regual award
  • Get Experience Now
  • I don't wnat to get award now
  • Agree

Now it is done, you can join other battlefield later.

General Manager,
(Swords Legends)